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How Often Should I Paint my Home Exterior in New Jersey?

Harsh weather will take its toll on a home exterior, from the heat and UV rays of summer to the snow, ice and wind of a New Jersey winter. All of this conspires to break down your exterior paint, causing it to fade and eventually peel. While this is definitely an aesthetic matter that is important for the appearance of your home, it is even more significant as a protection issue. The paint on your home prevents moisture and pest entry that would cause serious damage, including wood rot, mold and boring. So how often do you need to paint your home exterior to keep it in great shape?

In New Jersey, the south side of a house or building receives the harshest exposure to the weather. That is the direction that receives the most sunlight, which fades the colors and wears the paint sooner. For that reason, the south side of a structure should be repainted about every 3 years. The rest of the house can wait longer under normal circumstances, from 6 to 8 years between full repaintings. Using a high-quality paint is a good way to make sure you don't end up painting more often than you need to.

Some residential painting contractors offer paint maintenance programs, which is a great way to keep your house always looking its best. Here at Spectrum Painting, we have a Painter for a Day program, which allows you to hire one of our expert painters at a low daily rate. He can perform miscellaneous touch ups, clean hard-to-reach windows, pressure wash siding, clear out clogged gutters, caulk windows, doors, vents and much more.

With a yearly visit from a Spectrum Painting craftsman, you can maximize the life of your paint and keep your home looking its finest in every season. From our headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey, Spectrum Painting serves Patterson, Fairfield, Hawthorne, Oakland, Wyckoff, Ridgewood and the surrounding area.

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We would absolutely use Spectrum Painting again! The work is exceptional, the crew seems to really take pride in their work and they really knew what they were doing!
Carmella F. | Jan/12/2015
Your professional workers just left and like the last time I am refreshingly amazingly Happy!! I wish I could afford to tip them! I told them in a world where everyone is out for themselves it is heartwarming to meet people of honest quality who do a perfect job with smiles on their faces. They go beyond my expectations. This time I asked them to caulk a hole in a wall that they did not paint. They not only caulked it for me - they found the paint and painted the spot for me! I am so proud of your company and thank you very much.
Margee K. | Oct/27/2016
The Spectrum Team always delivers perfection. Reliable, professional, and responsive. Our #1 service provider. We have counted on them for 10 years. We have them come often to paint, spackle, do hangings, mend trim, fix siding, seal shower, refresh grout. Love the "Painter for a Day." They are the BEST around. Thank you!
Walter M. | Sep/6/2016
Just a quick note to thank you for sending Ruedi to do our bathroom. John and I can’t say enough good things about him. He is an excellent painter, great person and so careful to do a great job. His attention to detail, care and work ethic are unparalleled in our experience. You guys are great!! Just had to take a moment to pass it on. Please express our thanks and gratitude to him again.
Suzanne & John M. | Sep/24/2015
We hired Spectrum to paint, wallpaper, remove wallpaper, build a closet, remove popcorn ceilings, and other related jobs that came up. Each day I was greeted with a smile and handshake from the crew leader and his team. At the end of the day, their enthusiasm was as strong as it was in the morning. Just an amazing group of dedicated, hardworking people. They finished our condo in record time, covered our floors and furniture, what little we had. I am sorry that we have to stop at 5 stars. They deserve at least double that number! We moved into a condo and they were careful also about the common areas, putting down tarps and board to keep the dust off the rugs and not track onto the carpet. The building staff was so appreciative!
Elise T. | Oct/7/2016
Ruedi kept the home and work area clean. Communicated with family in a respectful manner. Did a beautiful job on our front door!
Mike & Stacey M. | Aug/26/2015
We have been a customer for many years and have recommended Spectrum Painting to friends and neighbors in the past. Staff are courteous and polite and experienced. They are careful with maintaining cleanliness of the property. The work is professionally done and the company is well managed. They take the customer's concerns seriously and take the time to explain and alleviate those concerns.
Abe N. | Jul/5/2016
Friendly and on time! Stayed until the job was done.
Jayne I. | Jun/30/2016
Spectrum was very professional and they did a great job with every aspect of the job. They were friendly and helpful, had ideas for future projects and worked quickly and really took care in the staining of the deck. Everyone on the team was courteous.
Michael O. | Jul/19/2016