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12 Tips to Spring Cleaning in Northern New Jersey

12 Tips to Spring Cleaning in Northern New Jersey

Unsure of where to start with your spring cleaning? Here are some tips that can help get you started.

1. First things first, set up a game plan, prioritize what you want done first to last (keep in mind you want to cover more indoor things while the weathers still a bit chilly and save the outdoor things for days you want to be able to enjoy the nice weather while getting things done outdoors).

2. After you have that set up then plan what days you want to tackle each task, don't over whelm yourself, better to under plan then over plan your days.

3. Don't work alone, recruit a friend or get your family involved, plan out who will be in charge of what.

4. Be Prepared, make sure you have all your cleaning supplies, garbage bags, gloves, storage bins, etc. Anything you will need to make your cleaning more efficient. (this will eliminate having to run to the store to get something you needed.)

5. Work top to bottom, inside to outside, this will help avoid having to re-clean things. Limit yourself to areas at a time, this will help to avoid unfinished tasks. Tasks that don't need hands on attention (i.e.: laundry, etc.) Set them while tackling another task.

6. When things are not in their proper area or room, pile them all into an area and move them together instead of one item at a time. With that, stop holding onto things you don't need, if you haven't used it in a year(or longer), get rid of it. (Donate items that you can, give back while you de-clutter)

7. Cleaning out areas that have items with expiration dates, get rid of anything old, and organize by dates. (Try following a first in, first out motto.)

8. Freshen up your room, launder all your bedding, flip and rotate your bed (try doing this every 3 months).

9. When dusting each room, don't forget to move furniture if possible to get behind it. (dust hides behind and underneath everything, and don't forget about your ceiling fans and air conditioning vents.)

10. Carpets can hold a lot of dirt and dust, take this time to steam clean your carpets while you have furniture dusted and moved. (this will definitely help freshen up a room that may feel dark and damp because of the cold New Jersey winter.) Take rugs and door mats, that can be lifted, and dust them out.

11. Brighten up a room even more by wiping down your lamp shades and bulb covers. Don't forget about your windows, clean your curtains and blinds. Using a detailer attachment from your vacuum get the deep corners of the window pain, that are often difficult to wipe clean.

12. Schedule a weekend to have your handy man out to take a look at all the things you cannot tackle yourself. (i.e.: Air conditioning, chimney, gutters, roof, etc…) Don't let a small fix become a big problem. (Don't have a handy man give Spectrum Painting a call, we can help you take care of your to-do list.)

With all that to do, there are some things you may forget:

-Check your fire alarm and Carbon monoxide detectors, now is a great time to change the batteries.

-Also don't forget to check your outdoor playground equipment, make sure it is still in stable condition after enduring this long harsh winter weather. Consider a good power washing for it as well.

-Also be sure to power wash any walkways, decks, front stairs and patio's to rid them of moss and mildew, and give them a clean look.

-Open up windows whenever you can to let the fresh air in, maybe even put some candles out or air fresheners so the smell can flow through the house.

To keep a successfully organized house, take pictures after you have completed every area you worked on, keep them for reference to do "quick" refreshers throughout the year. Keeping up with your organization will make every years Spring cleaning a lot easier then the first BIG clean.

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I just had a few rooms painted by Rich's great team, Rafael and Marcin. They were extremely pleasant and courteous. They spent time carefully prepping the area. Their work was absolutely flawless. There was one area of the ceiling that was haphazardly patched before - a cap screwed into a former light fixture that looked terrible and I asked for them to somehow make it disappear. I couldn't believe when I walked in...you couldn't tell there was ever a cap or fixture or any spackling/hiding: like it never happened. I highly recommended Spectrum!
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Spectrum was very professional and they did a great job with every aspect of the job. They were friendly and helpful, had ideas for future projects and worked quickly and really took care in the staining of the deck. Everyone on the team was courteous.
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Entire crew was great, friendly and professional. Cleaned up well after job all completed. The full team from start to finish were terrific and a pleasure to work with. We would hire Spectrum Painting again!
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Spectrum Painting was recommended to us by our fence company when we recently installed a picket fence.. They did a great job. They arrived punctually, were highly professional and made sure that the job was done properly. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.
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Our master bedroom and bath have never looked so beautiful- thanks to Spectrum Painting. Throughout the entire job the staff was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, honest and most caring of my concerns as a homeowner.
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Very neat and polite workers. Spectrum is a very organized company and always on schedule!
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From the moment Rich and I started our conversations, I knew Spectrum was different, anyone can "talk" about trust and excellence....then I met our crew…. (Hector, Marci, CJ, Ryan, Oldemar) Each of you with your individual and collective contribution treated our home with the utmost of care. Taking time to ensure that we were satisfied with the work throughout the entire job, working through all the timing with the floors, making recommendations that would enhance the rooms– absolutely love the crown molding - and being courteous and professional. Thank you for making our vision even better....until our next adventure.
Rose R. | Aug/29/2016