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2014 Northern New Jersey – Colors and Choosing the right one for you!

2014 Northern New Jersey – Colors and Choosing the right one for you!

What to know what is IN for 2014! Check out Benjamin Moore's color palette for the year!

(spoiler alert: Breath of Fresh Air is the #1 top pick for 2014.)


Picking colors for a room is far from easy, there are a lot of factors to think about when trying looking for the best selection for you.

First you want to ask yourself, how do you want to pick your color?

Do you want a specific mood/feel in a room? Would you rather the color go with your/someone's personality? Maybe you want to use a color theme?

Mood Specific Colors

Here is a list of colors and what feeling they give off.

(Note: lighter colors are airy and make rooms feel bigger, while dark colors give off an elegant more intimate feel.)

Red: Brings up a rooms energy, engaging conversation and excitement. It draws people together, so it is recommended for social rooms. If you are considering red for a bedroom, pay attention to when it is used the most. If the room is going to be used mostly at night and the color will not be vibrant then it turns into a more intimate feel as opposed to high energy.

(Suggested rooms: Dining room and living room)

Yellow: Produces the feeling of happiness and sunlight, that being said yellow should most likely be used as an accent color. Studios have shown that people are more likely to lose their temper in a yellow room.

(Suggested rooms: Accent wall, or accent decorations – Kitchen, Dining room, Bathroom, Small hallway)

Blue: Brings a feel of calmness, tranquility, serenity and relaxation, but be weary blue is a bit of a tricky color, pastel blue may cause an unpleasant coldness to a room, dark blue may cause sadness and depression. Stick with warm blues or bright blues, consider warm hues for the furnishing and decorations to help balance out the room.

(Suggested rooms: [to promote relaxation] Living room, Family room, Den or Large Kitchen)

Green: Visually promotes a restful mood, winding down, but also gives a feel of comfort and togetherness. Green is supposed to help relieve stress by helping you relax.

(Suggested rooms: Any room, especially a Bedroom)

Purple: Deep purples give a feel of luxury and sophistication, lighter shades of purple can give off the same restfulness as blue without the coldness.

(Suggested rooms: Bedroom)

Orange: Shouts excitement and enthusiasm. This is definitely not a color you would use in a family setting or bedroom for a restful mood but great for rooms that need high energy.

(Suggested rooms: Home Gym/Fitness room)

Neutrals: (Black/white/grey/brown) These are safe colors when you are unsure of how you want the room to feel. These are more of an "old fashion" color choice but can become very modern depending on the decor, you can never go wrong with neutral colors.

(Suggested rooms: Any room)

Choosing a color to fit your Personality

Think about you, who YOU are. Are you a classic person, who likes to reminisce? Are you loud, crazy and full of energy? Laid back and conservative?

What you choose for your personality correlates to the feelings of a room. A more laid back person may use blues, greens and purples, a person with high energy may use a lot more red, yellow and orange.

IF you don't know what fits "you" and want someone to tell you your color personality, there are a number of good quizzes out there to help you out. (I took 3, my color is Green, the color in my room is Green. )

Color Themes

You may want to keep it simple and choose your colors using a theme, just by picking a random color you like and using one of these for methods to choose other colors to go with the room.

1. Monochromatic: Varying shades of a certain hue.

2. Analogous: (less patters) Similar colors – meaning colors next to each other on the color wheel.

3. Complimentary: Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

4. Trio Colors: Uses 3 colors that are equidistant from each other. (when you use this theme you want to play with different intensities and textures.)

Common Mistakes

1. Choosing Color First. Fill your space first, then choose a color that mesh's well with your decor. (easier to match paint to patterns)

2. Picking a color that is too bright or saturated. A color may look great on something small and shiny or on a pillow, but you may end up hating the color on a HUGE wall. Consider these for accenting or having the walls that color and having neutral furniture to tone down the walls.

3. Not considering the home as a WHOLE. Make sure that, even if it's a small area, you are transitioning from room to room with a nice flow.

4. Ignoring trends. Bright bold colors were very in and you saw them EVERYWHERE, making them a bit overdone. Try using colors you can always freshen up by adding accents to the room, maybe even softer colors to bring a more sophisticated look as you get older.

Things to keep in mind

Paint chips will look a shade darker when applied to an actual wall, so if it looks dark already consider getting a shade lighter.

The MAXIMUM mix you want in a room is 4 core colors and 2 patterns.

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