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Should I Use Primer for My Paint Job

Should I Use Primer for My Paint Job

Every paint job is different just like every wall is different. With a nearly unlimited number of wall materials, drywall manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and wall textures, it’s almost impossible for inexperienced painters even with the best painting tips to know exactly how a wall will react to your paint.

Your wall painting could easily last for years (maybe even decades) to come, so getting it, and your paint colors, right the first time is crucial if you want to avoid expensive and time consuming fixes. Here are a few painting tips and guidelines we use for when primer is needed, and when it’s not.

Painting over drywall

If we’re working with an unpainted drywall surface, paint will be sucked up like a sponge, and it won’t always be even. That’s where the primer comes in. A high quality drywall primer will give an even surface to paint on, which gives a more consistent finished product. If you’re painting straight over drywall, you should almost always use a primer.

Painting over previously painted walls

Wall painting on top of paint is a little trickier. Many times you can paint over a previously painted wall, but not always. If the previous paint is glossy, you’ll likely need to use a sander to remove the gloss. In this case a primer may make the most sense to give a smooth painting surface. If you’re going from an original dark color to a new lighter color, you’ll need to lay down a layer of a lighter primer to get your paint color closer to the desired hue. That way your old paint color will never show through.

Painting over non-drywall surfaces

Knowing how to paint a room that’s not made of drywall is not something most do-it-yourselfers are comfortable with, which is where we come in. Whether we’re painting vinyls, ceramic tile or masonry surfaces, we’re going to do several things before we paint. One is a thorough cleaning. Another is likely going to be a primer that can serve two purposes: to prevent high pH levels (especially on masonry) from ruining the finished product over time, and to provide a bonding surface for the new paint so that the paint job still looks good decades from now.

We’re ready to start your job no matter what your walls are made of, what’s on top of them, and what you want them to look like. We have the paint colors you want at the prices you want to pay. Contact us today and let our professional painters give your walls the Spectrum Painting treatment.

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