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Tips for Protecting Your Bathroom Paint Job

Tips for Protecting Your Bathroom Paint Job

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, but unlike most rooms it receives a high concentration of moisture daily. Whenever you turn on the sink or the shower, you are introducing more moisture and humidity into the air, which is why mildew is often found in bathrooms. All this extra moisture can wreck havoc on bathroom paint. But there are ways to protect your bathroom paint and make it last longer, here are a few tips:

Mildew Resistant Paint

Certain paints are specifically designed to stand up against high levels of moisture. When you paint your bathroom, make sure to use a high-quality latex paint. There’s also a special line of Benjamin Moore paint colors that’s mildew resistant. Such as Benjamin Moore’s low-VOC Aura Bath and Spa paint and Eco Spec WB Silver paint, which is a zero-VOC commercial paint. These Benjamin Moore paint colors are low-odor interior paints with additives that inhibit mildew growth. Before you apply the paint color, make sure to properly prime the surface. It will help your paint color last a lot longer.

Good Ventilation System

You need to have a way to increase airflow circulation and get rid of the moisture that accumulates after a shower or bath. It could be an open window, a ceiling fan or exhaust fan. After you take a shower or bath, try to run the fan for about an hour. This will help get rid of the steam and moisture, and thereby protecting the paint job.

Stop Any Peeling

Peeling paint occurs more often in rooms with high moisture, and it’s caused by moisture getting between the wall paint and the actual wall surface. Moisture can do serious damage to walls and ceilings so you need to take care of it immediately. Not only will it save your wall surfaces, it will help protect the rest of your bathroom paint job. As the paint peels, it’s easier for moisture to get underneath the wall paint. Resulting in even more peeling paint. So in order to stop the cycle, you need to remove any peeling paint pronto.

When you are applying bathroom paint, it’s a good idea to use professional painters. They can ensure that you use the proper paint, and their expertise will help the paint last longer. Read about our team of professional painters who serve the Wayne, NJ area.

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