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How Spectrum Painting Beats the New Jersey Heat

How Spectrum Painting Beats the New Jersey Heat

Summertime is a great time of year, but with the pool days and the sunshine also comes hot weather that can often be hazardous to people who work outside. This is especially true for painters who do house painting and other exterior paint jobs. The Spectrum Painting team takes special precautions during these extreme days of heat and wind to make sure exterior paint is applied properly; the paint itself doesn’t dry out and the painters keep hydrated and comfortable while on the job.

The summer months are the most vital for completing exterior paint and house painting jobs all over the New Jersey area, so keeping these practical tips in mind during hot days helps our team stay productive and healthy.

Here are a few precautions our painters take:

Follow the shade
Heat and wind can be bad for paint. If it’s incredibly hot outside, our team stays in the shade. The key is to complete the house painting while following the shade. For example, do the west side of the house first before the sun hits it, and do the east side of the building later in the day after the area has cooled off considerably. One thing our painters have to keep in mind is that direct sunlight can make the paint dry too quickly, which can actually cause issues. Fortunately, our team is well-versed in surface preparation and proper painting techniques.

Ice the paint buckets
One great way we keep the paint cooled down while on the job is by putting ice into the bucket before adding a liner and paint to it. Just like an ice chest, this will keep the paint cool and also prevent it from getting too thick to paint onto the walls.

Thin the paint
If it’s hot outside and you don’t have ice lining your buckets, the paint can start to evaporate and thicken. Our paint contractors will add water as needed to keep the paint at a good consistency. This is a constant battle when completing exterior paint jobs in the heat, but adding water as needed will keep the paint its desired thickness and ensure a quality coat.

Stay hydrated
This has less to do about the paint and more to do about our painters. Staying hydrated is the best tip we can give to our team when the temperatures seem unbearable. If the paint can get dehydrated, so can our paint contractors. Staying in the shade and drinking a lot of water is a great way to stay healthy on the job and create the perfect conditions for a high quality paint job.

The summer can get hot, especially in New Jersey. It’s important for our team to stay on top of its game during these hot, humid and even windy days. This not only ensures an easy and enjoyable experience completing house painting projects, but it also ensures a quality job well done. If the paint is too thick (or too thin), it will show when the house painting job is complete. The same can be said if our painters are tired and dehydrated. Our painters are hydrated, rested up and ready to take on the summer months ahead. If you are interested in exterior painting or other house painting projects, contact one of our paint contractors today for more information!

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Wonderful attitudes and eager to please. Very easy to talk to and ask questions. They were calm and pleasant and just perfect!
Margaret K. | Jul/19/2016
I cannot speak highly enough of Spectrum painting. Each and every employee is professional, courteous and does meticulous work. I cannot speak highly enough of Spectrum painting. Each and every employee is professional, courteous and does meticulous work. The attention to detail is amazing and the care they take in the cleanup process is to be commended. I actually think they left my house cleaner than when they started the work. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them a 20!!! Completely exceeded my expectations!
Lisa R. | Feb/15/2021
Excellent work! Trustworthy, friendly workers. Pool deck looks like new. No one else could do the job!
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Clean and Courteous, pleasant and did excellent work.
Gene E. | Aug/30/2016
We had Spectrum Painting power wash and paint the outside of our house. They did such a fantastic job that we tripled the scope of the project during the process and the results are phenomenal. We wound up having them do the siding, window trim, doors, lights and much more. The end results is better then I expected. The entire Spectrum team was amazing throughout the process and on several occasions went above and beyond. I would highly recommend them.
Alex Melen | Apr/1/2020
I recently had the pleasure of working with Spectrum Painting to do some painting and papering of two rooms. Everyone I worked with was pleasant and professional. Appointments were kept and on time which is huge when you have a busy schedule. The quality of work was excellent! Not only did José and his crew do a great job, but he cleaned up the work area so you couldn't even tell they were there! And, they were done in one day! I will definitely use Spectrum Painting again and would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone. And, their little thank gift was a very nice touch!
Kathy W. | Aug/30/2016
Spectrum was outstanding! The work crews were courteous and professional at all times; they were always prompt and diligent in their work.
Delia and Greg S. | Jan/12/2015
Spectrum stayed until the job was done and did completely professional work.
Debra A. | Jul/19/2016
We hired Spectrum to paint, wallpaper, remove wallpaper, build a closet, remove popcorn ceilings, and other related jobs that came up. Each day I was greeted with a smile and handshake from the crew leader and his team. At the end of the day, their enthusiasm was as strong as it was in the morning. Just an amazing group of dedicated, hardworking people. They finished our condo in record time, covered our floors and furniture, what little we had. I am sorry that we have to stop at 5 stars. They deserve at least double that number! We moved into a condo and they were careful also about the common areas, putting down tarps and board to keep the dust off the rugs and not track onto the carpet. The building staff was so appreciative!
Elise T. | Oct/7/2016