Winter is a Wonderful Time for Interior Painting

Winter is a Wonderful Time for Interior Painting

Did you know that snowy days can be great days to paint your interior?

Being housebound during a snowstorm can lead to homeowners noticing they need a fresh coat of paint in their living space. Part of the beauty of painting in winter: The light is terrific. A sunny, snow-covered landscape casts wonderful light that illuminates almost an entire room, except for those little, dark corners. Even when there is no snow, very cold days are almost always clear and sun-filled.

As for choosing colors, your best bet is to get color chips or even a little pint sample of paint and see how they look in a sun-drenched room during the day and how they look with lights on in the evening. A color will look different depending on the lighting.

Fortunately, most paints are very low-VOC and emit very little paint odors. Even though it might be cold, we’re still able to crack the windows or run an exhaust fan to help eliminate any odors and to speed up the drying process.

So, plan ahead for your next snow day and call Spectrum Painting at 973-706-6033 to schedule an estimate to freshen up your home’s interior. If you're undecided on colors or need help picking the perfect shade, let our color expert help you out with a color consultation.

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