Just like their namesake drink, wine colors can evoke elegance, relaxation, or a whole lot of fun, depending on the setting. Find inspiration for decorating with shades such as merlot, champagne, blush, browns and even purples!

Full-Bodied Red: Cheery red wine-color walls act as an eye-catching gallery for a collection of prints. Keeping the wainscoting a simple white, similar to the pictures’ background, makes their subjects stand out.

Rich Purple: Looking for a new color to incorporate into your decor? Give grape-inspired purples a shot.

Wine Tasting: Rich brown tones layered throughout this room have a calming effect that’s nicely warmed with a few smart splashes of cabernet. The wine color shows up in a muted rug and a few pillows.

Champagne Dreams: On the lighter side, white wine colors such as chardonnay and champagne create a clean look with a gentle, warm glow in naturally lit spaces, such as this pretty kitchen. They're effortless colors, even when used in large quantities, and mix well with pure white and classic cream to add subtle interest.

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