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Three Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Deck

Three Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Deck

It’s about that time of year when house painting and other outside projects take front and center on our to-do lists. Painting or staining your deck is one of those chores that need to be done regularly to keep your deck and property looking great all year long. And as you know, the harsh elements of northern New Jersey can really wreak havoc on your deck paint, which means it’s important to update that paint colors and stains every so often.

If you’ve never painted your deck, no worries! Spectrum Painting can do it for you. Our painters are certified and experienced in all things exterior paint.

Here are a few things you need to know before you call us to schedule:

When to paint

Generally speaking, late spring and summer are the best times to apply the deck paint. Obviously, you want to have a few consecutive days with warm weather with a lot of sunshine. Be sure to schedule in plenty of time in case the weather puts the project on hold, especially when New Jersey has a week straight of rain! Another good time of year is early autumn when the summer heat starts to leave the region. Just don’t wait until it’s too late! New Jersey winters can sneak up on us, and our painters don’t apply any exterior paint colors in the snow.

Time frame

Deck paint typically requires dry weather for about two to four days with temperatures in the mid-80s. This ensures the deck paint dries evenly and thoroughly. Keep weather in mind as you schedule your house painting projects with us. Our crew of painters will consider this too before applying the deck paint. They’ll keep track of the weather as they work in case patterns change. And as you know, weather can be fickle, so we’re always prepared.

Clean deck and make sure wood is dry

Preparedness is key to having a great finished deck. In addition to planning ahead with the weather, the crew will need to take time to clean the deck properly and make sure the wood is dry. Painters do not want to apply paint colors to a deck that’s still wet from a previous storm. In addition, painting over old, chipped paint is not ideal, which is why cleaning it is important before we begin. Talk with our painters to determine what will need to be addressed before we can apply any exterior paint colors.

If you keep these three things in mind, it will be a seamless experience. Not to mention, the deck will look beautiful. And as always, if you need help with your interior and other exterior painting projects, our team of painters will help you pick the right paint color and help you apply them (so you don’t have to). If you live in Northern New Jersey and want more information about all of our exterior and interior painting services, contact us today! Happy painting, everyone!

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We hired Spectrum to paint, wallpaper, remove wallpaper, build a closet, remove popcorn ceilings, and other related jobs that came up. Each day I was greeted with a smile and handshake from the crew leader and his team. At the end of the day, their enthusiasm was as strong as it was in the morning. Just an amazing group of dedicated, hardworking people. They finished our condo in record time, covered our floors and furniture, what little we had. I am sorry that we have to stop at 5 stars. They deserve at least double that number! We moved into a condo and they were careful also about the common areas, putting down tarps and board to keep the dust off the rugs and not track onto the carpet. The building staff was so appreciative!
Elise T. | Oct/7/2016
I just had a few rooms painted by Rich's great team, Rafael and Marcin. They were extremely pleasant and courteous. They spent time carefully prepping the area. Their work was absolutely flawless. There was one area of the ceiling that was haphazardly patched before - a cap screwed into a former light fixture that looked terrible and I asked for them to somehow make it disappear. I couldn't believe when I walked couldn't tell there was ever a cap or fixture or any spackling/hiding: like it never happened. I highly recommended Spectrum!
Vera B. | Aug/30/2016
Had spectrum paint our new addition inside and out and the rest of our first floor. They really did a great job. They were very professional and all of the painters took pride in their work. They showed up pleasant and left at the end of each day with a smile. They cleaned up like they weren't even there. I would highly recommend them.
Greg G. | Aug/30/2016
Perfect work, responsive to ideas and questions. Clean, meticulous workspace when finished. Have known Rich for years - he and his team are the real deal - exactly what you would hope for when hiring someone to do work at your home. Would not use anyone else for painting/floor coating but Spectrum!
Katy S. | Feb/19/2021
A+ I was thrilled when I came home to see the completed project. I looked long and hard to find a single thing to possibly complain about and came up empty handed. I appreciate the emails and phone call correspondence getting the estimate and scheduling the work. The crew leader, Jose, was fantastic at pointing out small details, answering questions, and making recommendations in addition to completing a great job. The crew did an especially great job prepping and cleaning up. I'm sure that I will need more painting and power washing done in the future and I will not hesitate to contact Spectrum again.
Marc M. | Jan/12/2015
Ruedi kept the home and work area clean. Communicated with family in a respectful manner. Did a beautiful job on our front door!
Mike & Stacey M. | Aug/26/2015
Oldemar and Rolando made everything perfect and would like them both again! You were our first painter and will always be our only.
Nancy M. | Sep/1/2016
The Spectrum Team always delivers perfection. Reliable, professional, and responsive. Our #1 service provider. We have counted on them for 10 years. We have them come often to paint, spackle, do hangings, mend trim, fix siding, seal shower, refresh grout. Love the "Painter for a Day." They are the BEST around. Thank you!
Walter M. | Sep/6/2016
Raul was excellent to work with. Meticulous in getting the job done right. The crew was great, clean and careful and did a great job.
Rachel T. | Jul/19/2016