If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, you really should consider having the exterior of your home painted by a professional painting company.

In this article, we are going to run through just a few of the ways exterior painting can boost your home’s value, curb appeal, and more.

Does painting your home really boost its value?

Well, this might not come as a surprise, but the answer is yes! Here’s something to consider first: a home that’s painted today is one the buyer doesn’t have to paint tomorrow. Since good exterior painting work doesn’t have to be re-done for a decade or more, you are removing a “But, we’d have to…” from the buyer’s list of doubts.

If you’re trying to sell, curb appeal matters

If you talk with a realtor, they will tell you this: curb appeal isn’t just some piece of random jargon. It matters. If your home doesn’t look good on the outside, you are not going to attract buyers.

Think about it this way: when you are shopping for homes online, you often see the exterior of the house (typically from the street) first. In fact, that might be the only photo included on a realtor’s brief. If your home isn’t making a good first impression, you’re going to have less people who even make it to the point of seeing what the inside looks like.

It goes without saying: a repainted home is something you get to enjoy, too. Even if you’re not selling your home, you get to come home to a beautiful, appealing house every single day. That sounds like a win!

Fresh exterior paint sends a message

What do you want prospective buyers to think when they see your home? New exterior house painting says something about your home and the care that’s been paid to it over the years. In the same way that a front yard full of weeds would, old, peeling paint might send the opposite message. That’s not what you want.

If the exterior paint on your stucco is faded, peeling, or splotchy, it’s time to call in the professionals to re-paint your home. If it even attracts one more buyer, it’s worth it—that can start a bidding war over your property.

Colors matter—except when they don’t

When it comes to colors, it’s better to go with the flow than to stick out. For example, if every other stucco home in your neighborhood is a light red color, you probably don’t want to have yours painted a bright gold. Any realtor will tell you: nobody wants to buy a “unicorn,” a term used to refer to a home that doesn’t fit the neighborhood, is too overpriced for the surrounding area, or otherwise does not match the homes around it. Most of the time, going with a neutral color is your best bet, as some people might not like a blue or green house, so sticking with a tan or beige allows for a neutral pallet. This can be fancied up with a brightly colored statement door, shutters, or bright color flowers and fun foliage.

However, many neighborhoods are governed by Homeowners Associations (HOA) and rules about what color homes in the neighborhood can be painted. Just keep in mind that the color recommendations listed above might not fly if you’re in such a neighborhood, and you are probably better off going with the palette they provide.

Hire the right team- HIRE SPECTRUM PAINTING

This isn’t quite the same as painting an accent wall in your living room. You want to hire the professionals for this project.

Why hire professionals? Well, for one, they know how to complete the prep work needed for a successful project. Second, you are only going to see that boosted home value is the project is done right. Any shortcuts that result in a less-than-stellar exterior painting job are going to be major turn offs for prospective buyers. Call Spectrum Painting today at 973-706-6033 to help you with all your painting needs, as well as power/soft washing, deck maintenance and carpentry. We can even help you with color anxiety by providing a free color consultation!


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