Spectrum Concrete Coatings: Coatings That Last!

Spectrum Concrete Coatings: Coatings That Last!

Do you have an ugly garage floor, basement or laundry room? Want a smooth surface that doesn't get hot in the summer around your pool or your patio? Spectrum Concrete Coatings has product just for you! Here are some of the differences between our Penntek polyurea product versus those big box epoxy products:

  • Why Choose Polyurea over Epoxy?

    1-Day Installations (Epoxy takes 3 days minimum)
    98% More flexible than epoxy floor coatings
    4Xs Stronger than epoxy systems
    2Xs Better adhesion
    Walk on in 4 hours - Drive on in 24 hours (Epoxy up to one week)

  • There is a Difference

    Epoxy never fully cures, perpetually hardens and the coating becomes brittle
    Epoxy peels, chips and flakes after only a couple of years
    Polyurea cures quickly
    Polyurea expands and contracts with the concrete, preventing peeling, chipping and flaking
  • The Equipment

    All of our professional equipment is designed to ensure the best application of your coating
    Profiling the floor for permanent adhesion
    Large and small grinders to reach all areas
  • Applying Mender

    After the floor has been reprofiled and vacuumed, a two-part liquid mender is used to repair cracks and pits
    The mender cures in 10-15 minutes to twice the strength of concrete
  • Applying Base Coat

    The polyurea base coat is applied onto the floor in small sections
    Ensures even coverage
    The polyurea cures in about an hour
    The base coat is a proprietary formula exclusive to Polytek
  • Applying the Color Chip

    The acrylic color chips are generously broadcasted to ensure even coverage
    They provide a non-slip surface to ensure safety
    The chips are UV stable; your floor will not fade as a result of sun exposure

  • Top Coat Application

    After the floor has cured, the excess chip is scraped and vacuumed off
    The polyaspartic top coat is UV stable; your floor will not yellow over time
    The top coat is chemical, rust and abrasion resistant. It is also antimicrobial and antibacterial

  • Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty on UV Stability 15 Year Residential Warranty on chipping, peeling, and delamination
    5 Year Commercial Warranty on chipping, peeling, and delamination
    Warranty does not cover substrate failure i.e. cracks or crumbling concrete

Check out our concrete coatings page to learn more about our service and to check out a video that further explains the process and benefits. Fill out the estimate request form or give us a call at 973-706-6033 to set up an appointment for your concrete coating needs!


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