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4x stronger than epoxy. Unlike an epoxy garage floor coating our chip system uses polyurea—a material that’s much stronger and more flexible


Made up of small vinyl chips, this flooring system finishes with a light, orange peel-like texture, adding slip resistance and extra grip to promote safe use.


The vinyl chips can be custom-blended into nearly any color, allowing your new garage floor to match your existing décor!


Our chip flooring can be installed in as little as one day by Penntek’s trained and certified flooring experts.

1-Day Concrete Floor Coatings by Spectrum Painting

As northern New Jersey's only certified installer of Penntek products, we are excited to offer a variety of exceptional floorcoating systems for your home or business. All of our installers go through extensive training with Penntek trainers before they go out on the job. Our installers are our own employees and we do not subcontract!

Every flooring surface is a little different, and has its own set of unique needs and environmental conditions to consider. From a sun-drenched pool deck to a hard working garage, you need a flooring solution that offers a high level of performance in a cost-effective, low-maintenance package. We can help!

Ready to get started?

Concrete Floor Coating by Spectrum Painting utilizes a proven floor coating system that can be customized to meet your needs and match your style. We offer a 15-year residential warranty on all our floors, patios and basements!

Learn more about the Penntek Advantage

What are the benefits?

  • 4x Stronger Than Epoxy
  • Cleaning Is a Snap
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Will Not Crack or Chip
  • 1-Day Installation
  • 15-Year Warranty


After thoroughly cleaning and preparing the surface, we follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - Preparation and repairs
  • Step 2 - Concrete reconstruction: pits and cracks are filled
  • Step 3 - Penntek’s 100% solids, self-priming, pure polyurea basecoat is mixed and applied
  • Step 4 - The chip is generously broadcast by hand
  • Step 5 - The floor is scraped and vacuumed to remove any loose or vertical-standing flake
  • Step 6 - The final step is to roll out the UV stable polyaspartic clear coat


    • Garage Floors
    • Warehouses
    • Laundry Room
    • Patios and Walkways
    • Retails Areas
    • Locker Rooms
    • Storage Facilities
    • Kennels
    • Laboratories
    • Basements
    • Restrooms
    • Hospitals
    • Showrooms
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    So much better than epoxy!

    If it’s not epoxy, then what is it? And what makes our system so unique?

    We get a lot of fantastic questions about our concrete floor coatings, especially after folks see the transformations on social media and hear about our 15-year warranty.

    This FAQ section is the perfect place to start. And if you have any other questions that aren’t on the list, or would like to schedule a free estimate, contact us here today. We’d love to chat with you!

    Okay, it’s not epoxy… So what kind of floor coating is this?

    Our coatings are a cutting-edge polyurea system. It installs faster, cures faster, and offers benefits far beyond what you get from traditional epoxy.

    Do your concrete floor coatings have a warranty?

    Yes! Our epic, 15-YEAR warranty is a real conversation starter, and also a real testament to how much we believe in our process and products. This system is built to perform!

    Is a floor coating estimate really necessary, and what can I expect?

    We know it can be tough to carve out time for an estimate, but they really are necessary. And our coating experts are friendly, professional, and efficient.

    So, why are estimates so crucial? Well, we need to come and evaluate the age, nature, and condition of the space, take measurements, and perform a concrete moisture test. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and the price can vary drastically based on a specific set of factors.

    We’ll also use the time to share coating color options, bring samples, and walk you through any other considerations.

    Can you coat heated garage floors?

    Yes! A radiant heat system is no issue at all.

    Are your concrete coatings slippery?

    Our floor coatings are smooth, textured, and not slippery. If that’s a concern, however, we can always include additives that increase the level of grip. Perfect for outdoor concrete applications or other areas that might get wet.

    Can you remove a failed epoxy coating first?

    Yes! Our floor prep process includes grinding the surface with our heavy-duty, industrial floor grinder. We can modify our approach a bit and make sure that your old epoxy coating is fully removed. Just another reason to upgrade your floor coating to something that will actually last!

    Can I choose my floor coating’s color and texture?

    Definitely! We offer a number of standard color blends for you to pick from, or else you can customize your own. And as for the texture, we can include a special additive to increase the anti-slip properties if you’d like.

    Can you coat outdoor concrete floors?

    Yes! In fact, polyurea is a far better choice than epoxy for outdoor coatings. Here’s why:

    • Durability - Because epoxy is brittle, it tends to crack, chip, and flake over time. Polyurea, on the other hand, is not only much stronger, but also much more flexible.

    • Strong Bond - Ever worry about hot tire pickup in the summertime? It can be a real problem for epoxy, sticking to your tires and peeling up as you drive. Polyurea actually fuses to your concrete, chemically bonding to the surface. If you can peel up our coatings, the concrete is going to be peeling right up with it.

    • Adaptable - Epoxy needs very specific conditions to cure properly. Thanks to that chemical reaction we mentioned above, polyurea is a lot less finicky. It cures better, faster, with less odor, and is ready for service in just a day or two.

    Can you coat interior concrete?

    While epoxy can fill an interior space with fumes, only made worse by its longer curing time, polyurea doesn’t create much more odor than a fresh coat of paint. That means you can get back to normal life faster.

    Can you coat damaged concrete floors?

    Sometimes, but it depends. This is another reason why an in-person estimate is so important. We can fill standard cracks and gaps with a specialized concrete mender, but there are definitely circumstances where more in-depth repair work needs to be done.

    Do you only coat concrete floors?

    Our coatings are specially formulated for concrete, yes.

    How do you maintain polyurea floor coatings?

    It doesn’t get much easier than this! Our floors are virtually maintenance-free, and can be cleaned with just a standard household mop. Since the floor is non-porous and seamless, it’s super easy to keep clean.

    Can you coat your concrete floor yourself?

    We’re big fans of do-it-yourself projects, but a premium, high-performance floor coating just isn’t something you can tackle yourself. And those epoxy kits from the big box home improvement stores? They aren’t anywhere near being in the same league. In fact, our polyurea products aren’t even available to general consumers, and can only be applied by certified Penntek installers.

    This is a specialty product that requires trained professionals with serious equipment.

    How long does it take to install your floor coating?

    Your estimator will provide a firm timeline after reviewing your job scope in person, but most projects can be completed in 1-2 days. We have the installation process dialed in and down to a science.

    How soon can I use my coated concrete floor?

    You can safely walk on the floor in 24 hours, as well as put lighter items back in place. In 48 hours you can use the floor without any restrictions: drive on the surface, move heavy items back in, etc.

    How do I know if I need a concrete coating?

    If you own or manage a commercial space, you likely have very specific flooring requirements. We can help you with that! And if you’re a homeowner shopping for the best concrete coating available, we can help you too. Maybe you want to turn your tired, dirty garage into an attractive, organized workshop. Or maybe that underutilized basement can become a home gym, craft room, or even a home office. See the potential, and then decide if a performance floor coating offers the benefits and motivation you need to make it happen.

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    People happy with our services

    Clean and Courteous, pleasant and did excellent work.
    Gene E. | Aug/30/2016
    We are very happy with Spectrum's work and dedication to customer service! We certainly will recommend you to friends who are looking for an excellent and professional company! Looking forward to working with you and your team again in the near future.
    Linda and Wayne S. | Oct/18/2016
    Entire staff, from sales rep to team were professional. They were very responsive and the colorist had immediate availability. The crew was polite, knew what they were doing, worked constantly, they liked my dogs and my dogs liked them!
    Judith G. | Sep/1/2016
    Spectrum was very professional and they did a great job with every aspect of the job. They were friendly and helpful, had ideas for future projects and worked quickly and really took care in the staining of the deck. Everyone on the team was courteous.
    Michael O. | Jul/19/2016
    Oldemar and Rolando made everything perfect and would like them both again! You were our first painter and will always be our only.
    Nancy M. | Sep/1/2016
    The preparation and sanding of our decks was way beyond expectations-Truly a professional execution.
    Kirk and Sheri. W. | Jan/12/2015
    Both Jessica and Shaun were a pleasure to work with. I had 16 shutters and 3 doors painted. The price was absolutely reasonable. Shaun did an amazing job doing the entire job himself. He was clean, friendly, and worked super-fast getting the entire job done in one day. Highly recommend Spectrum for painting.
    Bill R. | Nov/9/2020   Read review on yelp
    From the estimate to final walk through, every aspect was done in a friendly and professional manner. Could not be more pleased with the final product, a beautifully stained bow and kitchen window. Jose' and his helper did an excellent job and went above and beyond to make sure we were completely satisfied with the work. Second time using Spectrum and I highly recommend them.
    Jeff G. | Aug/30/2016
    I have used Spectrum Painting time and time again over the years. They were fantastic in 2013 in a very tight time window, painting the entire interior of our home before we moved in right near the holidays. Each of the painters were expert, efficient and hardworking and perhaps most importantly trustworthy. I have always felt safe with Spectrum's staff. Then we used Rich and his company in 2015 for our exterior and deck. For that job it was Jose and his crew that did a phenomenal job preparing the siding and trim and then painting thoroughly. Many know that it's the preparation for paint that creates a lasting quality finish. Additionally, as others have mentioned, the painters are very capable but importantly always clean up after their day. Sometimes the floor is cleaner than when they started! Lastly I just called for a few touch ups and Oldemar, who's painted here on many occasions, was dispatched. He completed a tremendous amount in his two days here...working diligently to get my long list completed in a timely manner. Again he is an exemplary example of Rich's best...he managed some light carpentry and prepared each surface will great skill. And now my walls, trim and doors look like brand new again! For the best result you need to go with a tried and true check out Spectrum Painting.
    Kristen A. | Aug/30/2016