Soft Washing

Spectrum Painting is happy to offer soft washing, which incorporates low, non-destructive pressure and special nozzles combined with our chlorinated soap mix that removes the biological elements (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moss) and other stains without damaging surfaces on your home or killing your plants. Check out the link below to learn more about roof cleaning and its importance.

Soft Washing is perfect for:

  • Roof Stains
  • House Siding
  • Wood Decks
  • Fences
  • Paver Stones
  • Flat concrete

If your roof has ugly black roof stains, Spectrum can safely and quickly remove them.

  • We clean roof shingles to remove ugly stains caused by algae, moss, lichens and other vegetation.
  • These stains not only detract from the appearance of your home, but can significantly damage your roof.
  • Keeping a roof free of algae, lichen and mildew is also important for the integrity of it and can help stop premature failure.

As always, you can count on a considerate, orderly work environment. We take special care of your landscaping as well during our power washing process!